Our Story

Diem Restaurant Group is the evolution of the well known Café Diem, circa 1992 – 2000, which was originally located in the Poncey-Highlands neighborhood. We are a locally owned and operated restaurant group. The core group of our staff members have been working together for a very long time. Some of our employees have been there for upwards of 10, 15 even 20 years! We are extremely lucky to have this devoted group of restaurant family that continues to keep our restaurants evolving.

Diem Group’s vision is to cultivate the ambience and energy of the Old World European Cafes. In order to do this, Diem Group establishes restaurants whose sole purpose is to create an ideal dining experience, whether with friends and family or dining by yourself.

Of Diem Group’s three restaurants, each one is a destination for out of this world food. If you are looking for a comfortable spot to grab a satisfying drink or maybe make an evening out of coffee and one of our savory desserts, both Apres Diem and Carroll Street Cafe are excellent choices. If you are in the mood for a variety of authentic Spanish tapas, a handpicked international wine list, and craft cocktails all with in-house made ingredients then Tapa Tapa in Midtown would be a great place to spend the night.

On the food side of Diem Group’s restaurants we work to create dishes out of fresh ingredients at great price points. On the drink side we carry lots of rotating unique wines and interesting cocktails. Desserts come from multiple bakeries daily to keep our selections fresh and constantly changing.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at one of our three mouthwatering locations. Visit each restaurant’s individual page to discover more about what each menu is made up of. Each website contains food menus, drink menus, maps with easy to follow directions to each restaurant and a little background about the restaurant itself. Take care and see you soon!